JL Long Band History!

Why are we raising funds?


The JL Long Band has grown substantially over the past 9 years, from a membership of 75 to over 350 students. Because of this drastic growth, the program needs more instruments and supplies to accommodate all of our talented students.


We have moved rooms three times over the past three years to make sure we have enough room for our students. Now the main issue that we are facing is a lack of and poor quality instruments.


The serious need for quality instruments makes our students' musical journey even more challenging. We have approximately 25 students who want to play in the band that do not have an instrument. We have another 25 students using instruments of such poor quality that they are nearly impossible to play.


Our goal this year is to raise enough money to purchase instruments for every student that wants to make music with the Buc Band. It would be a huge accomplishment for our program. We'd like to ensure that there are quality instruments at JL Long for all future students to use and enjoy for years to come!

The JL Long Band is composed of over 350 students between the ages of 10-14. Our students begin the process in 6th grade and usually stick with us throughout middle school.


We are a big family here in the Band Hall! We love getting together to make music early in the morning. You can hear us practicing every morning right next door to the Woodrow Wildcat Band! We work very closely with our high school. We are so excited to continue to grow this program, and allow the opportunity for every student to participate in the Buc Band if they choose.


The goal of our Band Directors is to create life long musicians who not only continue to make music in some capacity, but also appreciate and support the arts throughout their lives.

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